Foto product

The LOW CENTER range is designed for applications where the radial dimensions must necessarily be restrained. Designed in a square housing, it allows, with the same power, to reduce the axis height of the motor, compared to the IEC unified round housing. This configuration also allows more flexibility in length and in the positioning of the terminal box. Cutting, drilling, milling are the processes that most use and enhance the characteristics of these motors. We propose two standard coupling solutions: “B3” with blade clamping discs and “B14” with IEC unified shaft and flange. The IP protection degree is particularly taken care of, thanks to the recent restyling of the housing and to the experience gained in specific projects for particularly heavy work. The quality and expertise in the machining of mechanical components, accompanied by the careful choice of bearings and other commercial components, raise this range to the highest levels of reliability and versatility. The LOW CENTER range can also be produced in the following versions on request: UL – CSA: motor built and marked in compliance with North American safety requirements. ATEX: motor built and marked in compliance with the requirements of the 3G and 3D categories for Zone 2 – 22. FPC: motor with progressive brake in Direct Current